Tour of Hathian businesses: Venus Productions.

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Interview conducted with Valmont Marseille, the CEO of Venus Productions. The Venus Productions website with all their content and entertainment is

“So how long has Venus Productions been running now?”

Valmont – “I think we’ve been open about 3 years now under the Venus Productions name. I had started off small, under the name of Valmont Entertainment, doing some photography and different events. Once we started getting serious about a company, then we came up with the name Venus Productions.”

“And what are all the entertainment services you offer exactly?”

Valmont – “Well, Venus Productions mainly specializes in erotic and nude photography … adult porn videos too. We also sometimes do other related things … webcam shows, for instance.”

“Any regular special events that your company hosts? Anything planned in the near future?”

Valmont – “Hmm, nothing special on the agenda. I think the last thing we hosted here at the studio was the 70’s porn party. We sometimes sponsor local events … nothing special planned though, been too busy making movies!”

“What are some examples of local events that you have sponsored recently?”

Valmont – “Off the top of my head the one that comes to mind, we took part in the Pearl of Hathian Competition. BJ Handles represented Venus Productions!”

“How about charity and such? Any notable contributions that Venus Productions is involved in?”

Valmont – “Haven’t done as much as I would like yet, but we do tend to support anything charitable like fundraisers that happen.”

“If there is a prospective actor or actress out there wanting to get involved with Venus, how would they go about doing that?”

Valmont – “It’s really easy. Just get them to give me a call at 555-6969, or contact me on twitter. We can then give them a call and talk to them about getting involved.”

“Is there any final remarks you would like to make about Venus productions. Anything that we have not covered up to this point?”

Valmont – “Well, we’ve been providing a lot of local people with opportunities to make some money by doing some modeling work. It can be a lot of fun, and very liberating too! And people in Hathian just love visiting our website. I would encourage anyone to give it a try!”

That closes the interview. The website once again where you can check out Venus Productions is at…

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