The OSMC Beach Bash for the Veteran Food Bank

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Interview with Colt ‘Coyote’ Carson of the Orcus Samedi Motorcycle Club. The party is this Saturday, the 26th, with a planned start time of 5PM, at Batterie Beach.

“So what is the name of the party that you are planning to hold again?”

Coyote – “Party? No name, really. We just like to get together and have a little fun every so often… we being the MC here. Since Orcus Samedi helped to make the food bank happen, I thought it would be cool to tie together. SO really, it’s just an OSMC beach bash and with donations collected for the Hathian Veteran’s Food Bank.”

“You cannot go wrong with simple, right? So what gave the OSMC the motivation to get involved in collecting food for our veterans?”

Coyote – “The club tends to get painted as a bunch of assholes on bikes… out to stir shit up in town. Really, we’re just men that want to ride our bikes, make a good place for our families, raise our kids… so we try and do good for the community with things like toy drives. Myself and a few of the brothers served in the military and after seeing the kind of shit our vets get, well.. we thought it would be a good place to direct our efforts.”

“Very understandable, wanting to help your brethren who are going through hard times. But as for the party you are going to hold, it is quite obvious that you have your rivals in this city. Is there any concern at all that they may try to disrupt your party? And if so, what measures are you taking to ensure the safety of those who may attend?”

Coyote – “That’s always a concern. But really, our rivals? They ain’t in our league. HPD isn’t even really a concern much these days. But look, that makes it sound like we’re some kind of gang. That ain’t the case… we’re more like.. a family. People think that we’ve got some kind of love of violence. If you look at the typical MC altercation, it’s ALWAYS a matter of us just standing up for what’s right. No… we’ll do fine at the beach because we’re together. We’re our own security. Hell, I can name half a dozen businesses in town that will always come to us first for justice… Not revenge. Justice. We just want our town to be the kind of place where our women can walk without fear of being molested.. where our kids can grow up without having drugs pushed at them in school. But back to the food bank, it’s not just for veterans. We think everyone needs to go to bed without being hungry. It’s just our duty as Americans to do something about it.”

“I understand, it is nice to see a community of men and women get together to do what they can to clean this town up for all. For this event, when people come to donate foods, what types of food products can you accept? Will you have ability to store frozen goods? Or should they keep it to a certain non perishable food products?”

Coyote – “Canned goods are preferred. Shit can get banged up a bit in transit. We can deal with dry goods. Cereals, bread to some extent, crackers… you know, like you said.. nothing perishable. We might try to work something out with vouchers for vegetables and the like if someone would put a farmer’s market together. Right now it’s about serving as many people as we can within our limited means. Our space doesn’t really leave much in the room for refrigerators and that short of shit.”

“Good information to know. If a non club member would like to get involved in this, help support it in a bigger way than just a donation, would that be acceptable? And how would they go about making contact to do so?”

Coyote – “Oh, uh.. well… we’re not really set up to handle anything big in the way of cash, but smaller donations are welcome. We want to be careful that less scrupulous individuals will think it’s some way to launder money or get some kind of tax shelter. In fact, the MC only supplies manpower. We’re very careful to protect our 501c status with the IRS. Bring food. Bring your body. We need people to man the counter during the days and sometimes in the evenings. It’s in a rough neighborhood just because that’s where it’s needed most. That puts some people off and having folks around is the answer to that.”

“What events are you going to have at this party besides the food donations? Any entertainment and such that people can expect?”

Coyote – “We’ve asked Brun Dug to provide a band for us. They’re trying to put something together, maybe a few of their solo acts. Failing that. I’ve got some people at WKRK that might be willing to show up as DJs. It’s a party. We try not to kill it with planning…. OH! I almost forgot the best part. It’s a toga party.”

“This all sounds excellent. Should be a good night of fun and charity. Any final remarks you would like to make about the party that we have not covered already?”

Coyote – “Oh.. yeah… not really. We hope people can come out and remember what makes this country great. Americans helping Americans. We don’t care where you come from, where you are, where you are going… if you believe in your fellow citizen, we welcome you to join us.”

Again, the party is this Saturday, the 26th, with a planned start time of 5PM at Batterie Beach

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