Rapists Infest Hathian – A Warning to Citizens

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Maitso Tran was arrested on the 6th of August for another rape. His tenth arrest ifor sexual assault in five years since he came to town. And he was seen again on the streets of Hathian on the 11th, in particular he was seen collecting a cup of coffee from the Grind.

It was learned that Mai was arrested and jailed for his crimes, but is being released after only three days. So he is infesting the city again and all the ladies of the city should be shown his picture and warned about the potential threat that he poses to anyone who associates with him.

Also it should be noted that he is only one of the rapists in the city so as a warning the ladies also have to be careful in their association with the other males around the city as the city tends to attract more sexual predators than normal for the country.

Particular suggestions to females are to avoid alcohol as that is clearly the primary tool used to inhibit the natural defenses of the victim. Also women should avoid association with men who are short tempered and aggressive. The first sign of the aggression will probably be seen on others instead of the victim themselves but should be taken very seriously. Ref: (Abbey et al., 2001; Berkowitz, 1992; Larimer et al., 1999; Richardson & Hammock, 1991).

A common sense precaution that comes to mind is that ladies should not display their assets to attract men as it automatically sets them as targets.

For further reading you may read 13 characteristic of a rapist here.

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