Winged Man Bites and Bleeds

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A winged man, later identified as Mr. Blake Larcen, was seen outside the 24 Hour Pawn Shop on the Haithian Highway at around 11:30 pm of the 8th of June. He was seen biting a lady insistently, his teeth pierced the lady at least two times. Another person, possibly a friend of his, was seen trying to separate the two after that which gave the lady who was profusely bleeding by then to enter the pawn shop and escape the danger.

From the little that was visible at that time the Observer was able to determine that Mr. Larcen was also bleeding from a stabbing in the abdomen, supposedly by the lady. It is still to be determined whether this wound was made prior to the biting or was an act of self-defense. Unfortunately we were unable to get any photographs of the lady and hence she still remains unidentified.

A special thanks is due to the person (name withheld on request) who identified Mr. Larcen’s identity on twitter in response to a photograph that was posted of the incident. Also to the management of Lou’s for accepting to look through the CCTV for the sake of identification.

In an interview regarding the incident, it was also claimed that a lady that goes by the name LittleBird, an Hathian Police Department officer, was on the scene some time back and actually attacked the lady without any reason whatsoever. If the CCTV of Lou’s was made available it would probably be possible to learn more of the incident and the identities of the others on the scene.

The Observer requests the HPD to investigate the incident further and hopes that the wrong doers will meet with their justice so that the streets of the town are safer to walk through.

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