Bikers: Getting Territorial or Revenge?

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During the early afternoon hours of June 2nd, Vodou had an unpleasant turn of events.  One anonymous person that witnessed three people, two males and one female, leaving the scene of the crime stated he saw them leave on motorcycles.  Upon further questioning, he gave a brief description of the three people and the escape vehicles.  When questioned, the man said he wanted to keep his identity secret for his own safety as well as where he worked.  When asked about what he say, this is what the guy said.

“There was a really tall and super buff man with a ball-cap and sunglasses.  He climbed into the black bike and had the plate “Sinner” on it and the second guy had shoulder length black hair, glasses, and a beard.  He got onto the blue bike with the word “Heretic” as the plate.  The third person was this girl with huge knockers and blonde hair.  She climbed onto the blue bike.  That was all I saw.”

Do these descriptions sound familiar?  Wanting to dig a bit deeper, I went and had a talk with the owners of the Bayou Dine Inn.  Upon talking to Ellis and Meghan Millet, some new information came into play.  Apparently the happy couple have been harassed by the Liam brothers, Eric and Heinrich, over an earlier incident where Mr. Millet confessed to shooting a Ms. Markus.  They said that event triggered a stream of steady harassment from Eric Liam, who has been said to be associated with the named OSMC.

Upon talking more to the Millets, the whole incident was captured with sound where the three robbers stated their street names as Sinner, Heretic, and Angel of the OSMC.  The OSMC bikers also stated that the town was ran by the OSMC and people needed to realize that.  When asked what these three people would attack their employees, Mr. Millet said that they were probably doing it because both the Liam brothers are part of the MC.  So this makes one wonder, was this just a start of the OSMC staking a claim in the city or were they doing this to help out a brother of the gang?  More information to come.

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