Bikers Fill in for HPD Failure

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The Orcus Samedi Motorcycle Club have decided to name and shame the Hathian Police Department and its officers. The first incident they have chosen to focus on is one closest to one former member’s heart – in a matter of two days Heinrich ‘Drac’ Liam lost a finger and his sister Seana was raped allegedly by her ex-husband, Mr. David Erebos. When the HPD paid no heed to their official complaint, the bikers took the law in their own hands and allegedly murdered him.

A packet with the CCTV coverage from the Lou’s bar and two photographs of the HPD files of the case against David Erebos were found in Observer office on the morning of the 18th of May. The CCTV coverage of the 8th of January clearly shows how Erebos initiates the fight between him and Mr. Liam, his threats against Ms Seana Liam, and ends with stabbing of both men.

The photographs are apparently snapshots of official HPD files. The investigation was carried out by Officer Skye Edwards and the CCTV coverage was requested. Under further actions it states: “Upon further investigation, I realized David Erebos is an employee of HPD, I will leave the matter of Erebos’ consequences, or lack of, to my superior officers. APB to be issued.”

The Additional Notes section of the report is dated 9th January and signed by Detective Lieutenant Krystal O’Neil, stating: “No further investigation required. Boys will be boys!” Subsequent to this, the Observer carried an exchange of messages with her and got an official response: “Even though it was an off-duty bar brawl incident, Erebros was not only suspended from active duty for two weeks, along with losing [a] month’s salary after that incident, but also given firm verbal reminder about appropriate behavior HPD expects from it’s officers.”

The investigation did not end there, as the Observer was able to get some time from Seana Liam to learn first-hand the incidents that took place between the CCTV footage and the murder of Mr. Erbos. Ms Liam stated that they were married for 5 years before she ran away from him and he followed her to town, took up employment with the HPD, and stalked her. He would regularly leave notes and pictures for her at the Slim Goodies Diner, which she owns and has managed as a full time job ever since she moved to town. She went on blame him for asking his colleagues to ‘kidnap’ her and take her to the ISO where he would harass her.

Ms. Seana also described the incident that happened soon after the brawl at Lou’s Bar to say that Mr. Erebos tricked her into coming to his sister’s residence, where he handcuffed her to the bed, raped her, and left her trapped. She was lucky to be let freed by another person and waited for him there; when he came, she had the upper hand on him, she took him to the HPD, and “slit his throat”, murdered him in cold blood. Though she was clearly disturbed relating the incident to our reporter, she was clearly not sorry. She was confident he deserved it.

If the account of Ms Seana is to be considered as true (which Mr. Erbos is seen threatening Mr. Liam during the brawl), it is clear that the actions taken by the HPD (or lack thereof) were not sufficient in the eyes of the Liams to curtail Mr. Erbos in his pursuit of his ex-wife.

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