Bunny Paints on 3 Dead Bodies

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On 9th of April, we ran the story Terrorist Rhage Krolmskull Turns Self In and have learned more of the incidents in that thread of serial murders.

On 16 April, in the basketball court next to the gas station – this reporter, Abu Muhammad, was invited to a fact disclosure meeting by the serial killer who goes by the name – Summer ‘Bunny’ Carter.

She spotted Abu on the street there and sought him out to talk to him privately… that private was also with two guards by her – not people anyeone would want to mess with. So the four stood around the court talking, the two men guarded while she wanted to set things right with the press, she referred to herself as “an artist, the human body as the canvas” and insisted that when she produces art she expects to get credit for it.

She said without any reservations that she was solely responsible for the death of a dead body found on the beach believed to be Lumi, the mechanic mentioned in the above mentioned story, and the Rookie Police officer who was found dead only a couple of days ago. Each of these bodies were known to have been grossly mutilated, and all of them had Bunny prescribed on the bodies in different ways.

There is a lot happening around the town and we believe all citizens should work together to bring together the stories to the press team to increase awareness around the town. We urge citizens to please contact the Observer to get the word out.

The city’s criminal scene seems to be changing drastically, we have criminals claiming deaths with no fear of the government whatsoever. What is the Hathian Police Department going to do about this?

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