Assassination Attempt Councilwoman, One dead, Multiple injured

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A massive shootout between police and armed suspect happened on Hathian Highway at around three o’clock in the afternoon, leaving at least one man dead on the scene, multiple people injured.

Terrified survivors described a black Hummer was crashing into the bus stop outside of Grind’s cafe before the driver opened fire on a person who has rumored to be Charis Lemoine, Hathian’s newly elected councilwoman. The person fled the scene quickly as it appears that the gunman has missed his target. More than 50 rounds fired between the gunman and the police officers.

The HPD quickly responded to the scene, along with two ambulances standing by. Two officers arrived in a black unmarked police SUV, which one of them appeared with SWAT tactical gear. The patrol officer and the SWAT officer headed in a different direction as they tried to surround the gunman, who has exited his Hummer at that point. The gunman suddenly opened fire at the police officers, as well as other bystanders.

The SWAT officer returned fire quickly inside the SUV, while the patrol officer exited and came to rescue a wounded paramedic, who was shot in the crossfire. The gunman then got back to his Hummer and reversed it into the police SUV, crashing into it, before the SUV also rammed into the two ambulances, creating more casualties as a result. The patrol officer was seen being attacked by two female bystander suddenly while he was trying to help the casualties near the construction site. He eventually apprehended them both with his taser.

Meanwhile, both the gunman and SWAT officer got out of their vehicles. The gunman, whose gun appeared to be out of ammo, began to tackle with the officer and attempt of grabbing his handgun. During the brawl, the gunman gained control of the officer’s firearm and was seen firing towards the officer, yet the rounds hit a male bystander behind instead. The bystander, who was standing only a few feet away from the scene, dropped on the ground instantly, appeared to be shot in the neck.

Another two female bystanders could be seen joining the fight, not to aid the SWAT officer, but they sided with the gunman in an attempt of taking down the officer. The scene quickly turned violent, brutal and messy, as more shots were fired. The result ending with all the suspects lying on the ground, and the SWAT officer appeared to be stabbed in the stomach by the gunman. Additional police units and paramedics arrived shortly after the shootout, they have arrested all the suspects at the scene and transferred the injured people to HGH for medical treatment, bringing an ending to this horrible scene.

HPD spokesperson Officer Joesph Porkins has confirmed the death of 26 years old male bystander Gavroche Fauchelevent-Leone, who died in the shootout due to gun shot wound. He condemned the attack as he claimed that the gunman has ‘no concern for any public safety or the law at all.’ While he refused to give out the identity of the gunman or any involving officers, this reporter has identified the SWAT officer, after they took his mask off while transporting to the hospital, as Detective Corporal John MacConner, and the gunman as Declan O’Sullivan, a former HPD Sergeant. It could be heard loudly and clearly during the shootout that the two men exchanged several verbal arguments, it could be heard clearly that MacConner referred O’Sullivan as ‘traitor’, while O’Sullivan replied ‘you can’t judge me’.

HPD urges the public, if anyone has more information on this shootout, please dial their hotline (504) 555-1000 or report in person at HPD Station, Main Street, Hathian LA.

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