Flipping Lenses: The Attack on Hathian Businesses

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The recent attacks on the XXX shop and the Clam Convenience store have left the city of Hathian shaken up and scrambling for answers. As of a few days ago, there has been evidence linking Agony, a local gang leader, and her boyfriend, Kiryu Hideyoshi, to the crimes.

Leaked information has stated that the arson attacks were directly linked to a feud with Chief Rousseau of the Fire Department of Hathian. Speculation insists that the Chief’s new Therapy program in Hathian General Hospital is the root cause of the violence.

Recently, the Observer was able to communicate with one of the key witnesses in the attacks to obtain more information; Kiryu Hideyoshi himself.

Hideyoshi, a dual citizen of Japan and America, decided to come forward and set the record straight after reading some false reports on the fires.

When first asked about the violence, Hideyoshi was quick to dismiss the seriousness of his assault on the XXX shop. 

“Though what happened with Alexia was with reason, the porno shop was simply a homecoming gift to myself,” Hideyoshi stated. “Besides, the porn there sucked anyways.”

Hideyoshi made it clear that he felt no remorse for his actions, going so far as to state that they were all done well within reason. When asked about Alexia, who is believed to be the prime target of these attacks, Hideyoshi had this to say. “That was to relay a message to the fire chief, seeing how Alexia is his wife. Foolishly, he took it upon himself to retaliate.”

Hideyoshi made it crystal clear that Agony and him were not shying away from the crime, going so far as to state that he was actually the one who had created the bombs in the first place. Though admitting that he was still learning, he was undoubtedly proud of his creations.

“They aren’t terribly good, if you haven’t noticed, but they did as they needed to. My goal was to destroy the entire building, but it ended up being nowhere near powerful enough for that.”

He is currently poking around to uncover the identity of the informant who had been releasing information. When asked about any suspicions and what he was planning to do if he found them, he was quick to point to one man.

“My best guess would be Trey, the fire chief. As for what I’m planning on doing to him, I would prefer that to remain a surprise. Though he should really, really be made aware that I am relentless. If he continues to retaliate against me, it is only going to get worse. I’m not gonna stop, I’m not backing down.”

Hideyoshi believes that the fire chief is just as guilty as he is, stating that no matter how badly the chief may try to paint him, Rousseau is equally as guilty in other areas. As for what comes next, Hideyoshi believes that his next move all depends on the chief and FDH.

“Either he shuts his damn meetings down, and all of this goes away, or he makes yet another stupid decision, and the games will carry on as they are.”

As for the rest of Hathian, there isn’t much to be done but holding our breaths and hoping we don’t get caught in the crosshairs.

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