Reporter Witnesses of Gruesome Murder

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by Jenny Patterson ((Mina Ashby))

One day, I came to the beach.. it was about a week ago. I was merely wondering the streets, actually going towards Slim Goodies Diner for some nice pancakes. They have wonderful blueberry pancakes, delicious with Maple Syrup! But, that is not what this is about.

I heard some moans, then screams.. I wondered what it was so.. I sneaked towards where it came from. The old church near the beach. I looked inside and saw it. There was a masked man torturing a naked woman. It was quite brutal, as well.. he was cutting her, removing her flesh slowly, from all her limbs, flaying her alive. The screams I heard were heart-tearing. I winced, but I kept watching. I only wished I brought my camera with me, but all I can give you are words. The woman screamed. But she did not scream for long.

Passing out moments after the masked man flayed her skin from her body… I have a strong stomach, so I was pretty great at not vomiting or giving away my position. Yet, I saw him what he does next. He was gutting her, removing all of her organs. He cut his blade into her stomach, and he was pulling everything out. The guts, the stomach, the liver, lungs.. everything. And he was starting to calmly put them in jars. I had not seen a heart, though. I wonder where that had gone to. But I kept watching.

He then dragged her outside. I snucked after on my bare feet to make the less of sound, holding my shoes in my hands, for if I was seen, I had to run. Heels in sand aren’t the greatest thing to do that in. In any case, he was nailing the dead, gutted woman to the cross. And cut off her head as well, placing it at the base of the cross. The jars would be set by the cross as well. As if he was trying to create a piece of art. So, she hung there, the unknown, dead woman. On a cross, flayed of skin. Her organs and head removed. And the heart was never seen. I wonder if he took it.

This was one of the most gruesome murders I have seen in my life. But I risk my skin for you, Hathian. To bring you this news. This is real life. This happened. I did not make this story up. The body later was found by the HPD most likely. I bring this story to you.

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