Officer Accused in Connection With Hit and Run on Tuesday

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One victim of the incident at The Pie Hole, Fiona Milton, the most severely injured did not according to her get a look at the driver of the cop car that ran her down on last Tuesday, as reported by Ms. Milton:

“One moment, I was sitting at the Hole having pizza with Cat, who owns the place. Then suddenly, a cop car plows into the fence and runs me down. I couldn’t get a look at the driver, but I believe one of the Hole employees did. Anyway, it was coming straight for me so I believe it was deliberate. Both me and Cat got seriously injured.

Disturbingly, both victims indicate their report was given to a female officer, one believed it was Officer Kyna, at Hathian General Hospital as they were undergoing treatment.  Ms. Mason stated her boyfriend had been with them at the hospital the night of the incident and the female officer took both of the victims statements but did not take a statement from her boyfriend who had witnessed the incident.  Ms. Mason attempted to acquire a copy of the incident report on a trip to the local police station.  The report she received, as stated by Ms. Mason was handed to her but a male office whose appearance, after careful study, matches the appearance of the driver of the police car according to security tape records obtained from The Pie Hole at the time of the incident.  Ms. Mason was obviously upset and managed to snap a picture of the Officer before she left the station so investigators could compare it to the security tape film.  In an interview with Cat Mason, the establishment owner, she states:  “The security tape clearly shows the driver of the car and I went to the HPD tonight to try and get my police report and the guy at the counter was the same guy in the security tape.”   According to the establishment owner, another incident report was taken from another of the witnesses and this report appears to be missing.

Additionally disturbing is the fact that the incident report does not mention Ms. Milton at all, who was obviously severely injured in this brutal attack.  This reporter finds it extremely interesting that both victims gave their reports to a female officer and that the report Cat Mason received when she went to the station was written by a male Officer.  The time of the report is not correct according to Cat Mason who indicates she was actually at the Police Department delivering pizza during the time stated on the incident report.  The report is also signed by an Officer Auston, obviously not the female officer that initially took the report.    Which leads me to question, why is Fiona Milton not mentioned in the incident report and as all witnesses were not questioned, how can such a report state there is no evidence?

According to Ms. Mason she has received threats from an officer in the presence of two other witnesses:  “So after I got this bogus police report from him at the PD I went back to the Pie Hole and met up with Fiona and another (witness name withheld for protection of the person involved), and he comes up in his cop car and starts calling us bitches and then threatens to break my fingers if I post anything on twitter again.”

According to security tapes there were witnesses to the entire incident.  Additional witness interviews are still pending, but one witness confirms the picture snapped by Cat Mason as being the same revealed on security film .  Additional investigation is being down to identify the second occupant of the car at the time of the drive by.  Additionally, in reviewing the security tapes the driver of the car was heard shouting before it sped off “ten motherfucking points” which further indicates this was no accident but an intentional attack.

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