Another Day, Another Body

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

by Luna-Rose Valentina

Warning: Graphic images and descriptions.

Hathian was taken by -slight- surprise as a young man, who has not been identified, was found laying dead out on the street. The murder had taken place beside the Gein Burger, in front of the basketball court. The suspect had been arrested on sight, two HPD Officers at the scene.

The man appeared to have been stabbed to death, knife still protruding from his gut. A thick pool of blood was surrounding his body, most probably leaked from the wound.

The suspect was tased and arrested on the scene by Natalya Saunders, who was identified by the public.

The officer refused to make a comment, only stating that it was an ongoing investigation. The suspect, though tased and worn out, made a statement. “The truth comes from the one who did it, not the one who stopped it.” It was all he managed to say before being dragged away by the Officer.

A witness who had seen the man getting arrested, had this to say about the incident. “I was nearby when a man made the call to 911… The guy stabbed the other to death, yep killed him. Was the first time I’ve seen a dead body just layin’ on the street, sort of turns the stomach.”

No other details on the case have been released.

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