Hearts Of Hathian: Volume 9

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Niichan, you the most important person in my life. My second half and truest friend. Anything that comes at us, we will face together.

Love you in this life and the next,


Matt Zero, our time together was short but not something I will ever forget. Soon I will show you exactly what you mean to me. Until then, I’ll be watching you. Always watching you…

-Your past and near future.

I luv my mama. I luv my daddy. Now you should give me, A peppermint patty! Love you mama and daddy!

-Jaeden Pink

Nick, We have been through a lot these past few weeks that has tested our relationship almost to its limit. The fact that we have come out of it together says a lot more than the fights and heartaches do. I’m declaring this now: I love you. Never have it said that I didn’t say it.


This will be the last instalment of ‘Hearts Of Hathian’. Thanks to everyone who participated. These last love letters were ones submitted yesterday AFTER the deadline. Hope everyone had an awesome Valentine’s Day!

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