Hearts Of Hathian: Volume 8

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To: Ricehead
From: Croissant Motherfucker

Roses are dead,
Mousetraps and pudding.

I think feel like it was yesterday when we met. You were a dick. You’re still a dick, but you’re my dick. Not in a literal way. You are just a dick. Anyone can be a dick, but you’re a special kind of dick. You’re my friend. My dick. My dicky friend. I wouldn’t trade you for another dick, because you’re a unique dick.

I’m drinking from a juice box as I write this.

I hope you like your present.

P.S. Rufus misses you.

— Your Boothang ♥

When the world collapsed around me, you became my saviour.

The guiding force that pulled me from the arms of death. You are my teacher, my love, my everything.

– Your Marionette


Happy Valentine’s Day Hathian!

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