FDH Mascot Cat Stolen

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While most firehouses have a house dog, the Fire Department of Hathian is proud of have its own feline companion. Unfortunately, sometime yesterday afternoon, an unidentified woman stole the cat, named Bones, right out from under security cameras.

The news first broke on Twitter, when several staff members tweeted about him being missing. Once they checked the CCTV that surrounded the building, they discovered he was stolen.

The suspect can be seen wearing a black dress, and has shoulder length red hair. Bones, on the other hand, is a black male cat, wearing a red collar that identifies him as belonging to the fire department.

“I’ll personally offer $1000 in reward for anyone with the whereabouts,” said Bill Kaye in a tweet. He also stated that the cat should be unharmed or there “will be or there will be hell to pay and endure.”

Anyone with information about Bones’ whereabouts, or about the suspect, should contact any member of the FDH.

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