Visiting Father Attempts To Murder Family

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A Crowley, Louisiana man was arrested in Hathian and has been charged of attempted murder of his family on Saturday night.

Jim Card, 35 year old Crowley native, was visiting family in Hathian for the holidays and was booked in the Hathian Police Department on 1 count of first degree murder, 4 counts of attempted murder, attempted rape and obtaining a weapon illegally per HPD officials. HPD officials stated that Card had been planning to kill his wife and 4 children for the past two months after deciding to leave the United States with his girlfriend, Tiffany Sandoval.

During an exclusive interview with Ms. Sandoval, Card had discussed with her in detail about moving to Paris, France, transferring his wife’s trust fund account income, and killing his wife and children in order to marry Ms. Sandoval and start a new family and identity with her.

Ms. Sandoval also reports that Card was debating only killing his wife and only 3 of the four children and then kidnapping the youngest, aged 6 months old, with him to Paris to raise with Ms. Sandoval and any additional children they would have together. She states that his reasoning was because the infant was his favorite and did not want her to be killed. The remaining children range in age from 5-10 years old.

HPD officials report that Card had attempted to rape his wife and then strangle her in order to make it look like a homicide by an unknown individual. Later, per Card, his wife fought back too much and he made the decision to shoot her with a stolen weapon he obtained from illegal sources in the community. Card shot her in her head with a pistol, causing her death.

He attempted to store her in the rental home basement they were residing in while waiting for the children to come home. The infant was already in her room, sleeping per Card. HPD officials state that the children came from visiting family overnight in Port Allen and after being dropped off by the children’s maternal aunt, he fed them cyanide laced grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk.

HPD reports that Ms. Sandoval had contacted them when she heard about his attempting to harm the children and informed them of Card’s plan. HPD had the family on close watch for two weeks after Thanksgiving monitoring them for any suspicious activities. The oldest child was interviewed by HPD and they report that the child had found his mother when he was trying to get a sweatshirt out of the dryer; he attempted to run upstairs to inform his father and he witnessed him putting several scoops of cyanide into their food.

HPD officials state that at that time, the oldest child snuck back downstairs and climbed out the basement window fleeing to a neighbor’s home when 911 was contacted. Police were already observing the family and officers moved in quickly, assisting the children, located the body of his wife, 34 year old Marlene Card, in the basement. Card was arrested and booked at the city jail. The children were treated for poison and had an overnight stay to make sure they were healthy upon discharge.

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