Lou’s: A Public Nuisance?

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Lou's Bar

Around seven in the morning, another crime has been committed at Lou’s Bar when a woman, whose identity is unknown at the the time, was stabbed right outside of the local watering hole. Lou’s has become a haven for crime, drugs and other criminal activities.

Before most people have had their first or second cup of coffee, a woman who appears to be in her 20’s was assaulted outside of Lou’s by an unknown assailant. The condition of the victim or the status of the suspect is unclear at this time, as the Hathian Police Department was never called to the scene nor was EMS.

Crime in Hathian is up, and given the amount of calls to Lou’s by both police and emergency services, it is clear that Lou’s should be boarded up and declared a public nuisance and the HPD should be held liable for their actions and lack of concern for the crime in this city. But it is no secret that the department is known for its own corruption within the ranks.

A confidential source within the HPD has stated that their has been a disruption within the ranks, as the Captain has stepped down. It is rumored that a new department head is on his way in. One can hope that he will have the backbone to clean up the department as crime continues to escalate in the city and hope of a true justice system fades.

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