Suburbs Plagued By Strange, Horrifying Incidents

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Bovine Brutality

In a series of bizarre events the Devil’s Pocket, Vodou, and Rougarou suburbs have been the victims of robberies that have reached a new disturbing height yesterday.

For weeks now, inhabitants of those suburbs have been reporting the theft of bodies of their dearly departed kept in private graves and sepulchers on their proprieties. The events seemed to be happening at varied times of the day when the house was left unguarded. While the shocking happenings left families distraught at least they stated being relieved that no violence had been involved in the events.

This seems to have changed as residents recounted yesterday that the theft went peculiarly farther this time. Upon returning to their residence, the Thompson couple found the grave of their departed mother unearthed along with the decapitated remains of one of their bovines. The head of the animal is still missing along with a few of the other animals on their farm that seem to have been taken.

It seems the events are escalating quickly as the thefts gain importance, keeping people worried and wondering.

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