Columtreal Football Profiles: Kicker Seth Vond

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Q: You were with the Looters since the beginning. Coach Andel and Keaton say you lead Special Teams, a unit that’s been consistently best on the team. What inspires that kind of skill and dedication, and how do you inspire it in others?

A: Simple, the game gives me focus. It’s set my head straight more than once and has improved my life, my confidence, my friendships. I don’t know if I really inspire people except maybe to show short f***ers can be good at s***, too.

Q: Your game is, without a doubt, focused. You’re perfect on the season, with Field Goals up to 50 yards out. How do you maintain that level of skill game after game?

A: Endless practice. If I’m not doing school or work? I’m training, working out, and really just endlessly pushed by my team Captain. He makes you want to do better every game.

Q: Do you have a bond with your Captain?

A: I like to think so, yeah. He’s a fantastic friend, a natural leader, and a great inspiration.

Q: Who else inspires you on the team? And who do you feel you inspire?

A: Oh man, my friend Michi for one, because he is non-stop. Nothing keeps him down, you know? He played with busted ribs and still rocked it! My brother, Nick, came in without knowing anything and he has grown amazingly – so focused you gave him a target and he’d take it down no questions asked. And my friend Leon, to be honest. That guy has so much heart that it just lifts the whole team.

Q: You named three of the five players who stood out the most in their performance: Yamaguchi, Vond and Acosta. Samson and Pena are the other two. Now the NCAA, based on that performance, is considering Columtreal for Division I qualification. How does that news make you feel?

A: Giddy as all f***. Seriously, it’s like being a kid and getting told you might get to go to Disneyland, you know?

Q: Well, chances are you’re going to Disneyland if you win the next two games decisively. No pressure. Any extra effort you’ll expect out of the team come to mind?

A: No mercy. Not that we ever really give any, but it’s do or die now, you know? I expect anything that is going to help each other push that much harder, no matter what it takes, and to watch each other’s backs so no one’s injured before games that might keep anyone off the field.

Q: Speaking of which, you often play injured. On only one occasion did you miss a game. You’re always listed as ‘Doubtful’, though. How do you manage to operate at such a high level through such pain?

A: I guess it’s because I don’t want to disappoint anyone by thinking I’ll be less to the team if I’m injured.

Q: Do you feel the Looters can compete in Division I, against schools like LSU and Alabama? If so, what will it take?

A: Of course we can. Looters haven’t had a team like this in years and we’re going to take it all the way this year. It’s going to take what it always takes: brotherhood, heart, good game plays, and a hell of a lot of balls.

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