Review: Shen Gallery of Fine Art

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The gallery is located in Vodou, one block east of Lou's.

In Louisiana, Hathian there is a small gallery called the Shen Art Gallery. So, why such interest in a small gallery in a run down town? A number of reasons actually.

The first being the owner, Miss Inara Shen. The self employed artist of the gallery is of Chinese descent and met with us in the local coffee shop, other wise known as The Daily Grind. A well spoken and educated woman, she happily answered our questions along with her friends input.

The art itself is a variety of self portraits and, more to the point, women. A strong feminist theme is found with in the small gallery and along with the curator of such a place, there is no denying the emotions that scream from each picture.

After a short, albeit rushed visit to the gallery itself, I found myself faced with a variety of different styles and colours, all projecting emotions that had my heart aflutter.

Protective of her own works, Inara often ties the feeling of regret with her paintings and the morbid outcomes of such an artist are a beauty to visit. I do in fact recommend a visit to the gallery.

However while this gallery was not shortlisted for our top ten galleries state side, we hoped the quick review would end up in the local newspaper, perhaps then the gallery would get the recognition it truly deserves.

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