Ellis and The ‘Pig’ Poisoned? Gimme a Break!

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Before I point out some obvious facts, let’s look at the situation.

a. Ellis accepts a burger from the woman he kidnapped in a previous article? See article ‘ELLIS MILLET BRUTALLY ATTACKS, KIDNAPS GEIN BURGER MANAGER‘ Really. *sarcastic look*.

b. Quote, “According to Caspian, he was allegedly taking Molly in order to lose weight.” Is that really a stretch people?

Has anybody been reading the articles about this guy at all? Let’s see what I can dig up with a simple ‘search’ in the Observer archives: there’s been an attempt on his own life by his own daughter, he went to prison convicted of first degree MURDER, attacked someone at their funeral cause they ‘rose from the dead’, and apparently in another article he was some sort of accomplice to the ‘Zombie’ spree of ‘deaths’, and let’s not forget the article back in March of 2012 where he STAKED a woman through the chest, OH, and held hostage and attacked Detective Lieutenant Marcus Tinamou at Slim’s Diner, and Christ who knows what else he’s done that the papers didn’t get their hands on. Okay, now that THAT is out of the way…

Onto the obvious facts and dare I say ‘elephant in the room.’ Ellis Millet is OBESE. And has a known heart condition, it was even mentioned in the article. Based on the fact that in his past he’s staked someone AND killed someone because he thought they were a zombie, clearly indicates he’s not right in the head, so for all we know he might have thought Molly’s were M&Ms and was eating them like candy. If you are going to eat your life away, then YES some day, that delicious greasy burger will kill you.

Now, let’s just put this in perspective for the idiot savant that calls himself ‘The self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes’, in another recent Letters To The Editor article. I’m insulted that you used such a masterpiece of english writing, as your nom de plume, since you didn’t make a lick of sense, and if I was a betting man, I’d say Ellis himself wrote that laughable article to defend himself. The article writer asks, “Why would he tell on himself?” Because he’s nuts – just ask his children, OR he had a bloody heart attack from being obese.

And finally, just one more thing I’d like to say in defense of the ‘accused’ Kirvi Caspian. The article states and I quote, “Millet and his source maintain that Caspian is “out to get him” and that they wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to kill him. ”

HE KIDNAPPED HER and beat her! Read your articles people! So to Kirvi I say, good for you if you did try. You want to get rid of him for good? Try an exorcist.

Idiot Detector

Oh, and PS, the ‘Pig Man’ probably DID have a heart attack, or he did it.

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