Reapers, Associates Vandalize Observer Office

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Tension outside the Observer’s office reached a tipping point last night when a group of Reaper gang members and unknown associates were seen vandalizing the building.

Sometime around 7:00 PM, three Reaper women were seen running into a nearby alley as Observer Editor in Chief, Valena Dowe, arrived at the scene. Moments later, a TV was thrown through the office’s window, destroying the window and TV, before an injured middle aged man climbed out of the window.

The group caused roughly $2,000 in damages, as well as emotional turmoil for the staff of Hathian’s only newspaper, who have been on edge since the gang declared the office as their ‘turf’.

Dowe calls this “the final straw” but she assures that press will continue running as normal even though the office is temporarily closed.

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