The PIXies Are At It Again!

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This past Saturday, Columtreal campus was the place to be. The reigning female sorority Phi Iota Xi threw yet another successful party. I got to speak with Alexandra Markus, one of the students on campus and she was more than happy to share her thoughts on PIX and their recent 50’s party.

“I’m not a member, but the ladies who are are great. [The PIXies] throw a lot of events. The last one was an 80’s themed party which was a blast.” Alex

The sorority has hosted a lot of events recently in hopes of new applicants and notoriety. And basing off the turn out of this event, these parties are definitely a way to do so.  To quote Ms. Markus once again. “The parties seem to generate a lot of attention, good attention.”

I inquired what it was that drew Ms. Markus to the parties, since she stated she wasn’t a member of the sorority. Her response, “The outfits. For me it’s always the outfits when it’s the themed parties, getting to see what all people have come up with.” I’d have to agree with Ms. Markus, the outfits were definitely fitting for the time.

GroupLook they even had a waitress on roller skates there. And yes, her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, too bad it was fake. Pictured to the left is student Tala Willis. Her thoughts on the party? “It was cool, it was like going back in time, to my grandparent’s era. The music was pretty good and the hosts were nice.

So next time you’re bored around town and looking for something to do, look around for a flyer or check out Columtreal’s Twitter and see what is going on. This is Rhys Carlier, your campus reporter signing off.

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