Summer Activities For Young Adults in Black Bottom

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Are you unsure of what to do this summer? Word on the street is that Black Bottom is the place to be!

I caught up with R.J. Skye today while at a beach party that took place at Valmont’s Entertainment Studio. Quite a few twenty-somethings were gathered together taking solace in a cool, safe place to hang out.

According to Skye, who is a photographer at VES, this event was a prelude to the returning tradition of  Val’s pool parties, which will take place every Friday at Val’s Pub in Blackbottom.

“We had the pool party event for a long time last year. I think it’s great that Val is going to continue the tradition,” Skye stated. “People need to unwind more in this town.”

Columtreal, which is also located in Black Bottom, is also sparking up with activity this summer with in the return of  student activities.

Their first event of the summer was for the sorority group Phi Iota Xi. “Naughty Schoolgirls was the theme and it was a success, I think,” says Skye. “We’re already planning the next.”

If you’re a student at Columtreal University, Skye says that her and the other organizers of events believe that “campus definitely benefits from Student organizations and Sororities and Fraternities are an important part of the college life”.

With all of these events buzzing around Black Bottom, one can expect to see more activity spotted in the area. Keep your eyes peeled for fliers and announcements posted via Twitter.

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