Criminal Ellis Millet Approved For Government Assistance With New Business

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Ellis Millet, 37, was released on parole some time ago after a partial sentence for first degree murder, as well as two counts of attempted murder. During this time, Millet has been forced to keep his nose clean as well as spending his time doing community service. When Ellis went to his parole officer to introduce his idea of starting a liquor business, it was expected to be turned down immediately. A source stated that Ellis has had persistent issues with drugs and alcohol. One must ask if opening a liquor store would be the correct move.

However, because of his alleged good behavior and the impressive business proposal shown to his parole officer, they granted him permission to start his new business, “Bottoms Up”. It is said that he was also granted a loan for said business under the condition that he continue with his community service and is able to stay out of trouble.

The State has stated, “This is part of his redemption. Ellis is ready to show the court that he is seeking redemption and we are led to believe that the owning of a business would prove him to be capable of taking on the huge weight of responsibility it takes to own a business.” He went on to say that any violation of parole would result in the permanent closing of his business.

After the latest drug scandal with the mayor, one would beg the question of whether this was part of the reason this atrocity was approved. Certainly anyone with any sense at all would see the trouble this could potentially cause. Millet’s parole officer stated to the press, “I have faith in Ellis. This new business venture would prove to the courts that Millet was on the path toward redemption and shouldn’t be held back because of past mistakes.”

Giving someone a second chances is one thing but should we be trivializing something as severe as attempting murder as well as actually committing murder?

Ellis stated to the press, “I’m tryin’ to get back on my feet. I don’t want my past to affect how people view my business. I just want to get on with my life. Bottoms Up is opening soon. It’s across from The Clam; you should check it out!”

Lets hope, for the safety of Hathian citizens, he keeps his word.

((OOCly I want to thank everyone who has helped me with this, especially Audrina Tolsen who provided some of the furniture,  Alexandra Melune who designed the “Bottoms Up” sign, and of course the admins who approved my venture!))

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