Candy Madden still being Distributed in Gift Wrapped Boxes

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Another gift wrapped body part believed to be the heart belonging to murder victim Candy Madden has been delivered to Valmont Marseille of Val's Irish Pub.


This time the grizzly ‘present’ was accompanied with a note reading “from my heart to yours, with love on this Christmas month from your queen”.

Valmont Marseille, owner of Val’s Irish Pub, commented “I send my deepest condolences to the family of Candy Madden, who I met several times in Hathian. When people die violently in Hathian, sometimes few people stop to think that the victims were once children that were brought up by loving parents. The criminals who committed this cowardly desecration have clearly shown that they have no understanding of what it’s like to raise a child.”

In a separate incident, it is rumoured that a gift wrapped human head has also been delivered to the HPD. Police refused to comment on that incident but Detective Moonshadow leading the investigation said in a statement “We are now working on the likelihood that more than one person is involved in this murder and the subsequent delivery of the body parts. We urgently wish to speak to a woman Approx 5’0″, Blond Hair, grey cardigan, scarf and wearing glasses and a black haired woman in a red cape and hood. Anyone with information should contact us at the HPD and I again would ask the public to be vigilant for unexpected gift packages, especially if they are dripping with body fluids.”

Although Police are refusing to comment on the names or association of any possible suspects it has been noted that a black coloured bird adorns two of the gift boxes that are now being analysed at the local AS Forensics Laboratory.

We attempted to contact John Madden and received no response.

With Candy’s body parts being distributed around the city faster than Santa in his grotto at the Mall it remains to be seen who will receive the next gruesome ‘gift’.

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