HPD Sergeant Delivered in Pieces via Duffle Bags

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Shocking details revealed Tuesday afternoon, as the Observer learned of the death of Hathian Police Department Sergeant Lilith Fox. The longtime officer had gone missing a few weeks ago when she failed to show up to work one of her patrol shifts, worrying coworkers. While there is little evidence to what reason lead to her capture & demise, the details of her murder have been revealed by an anonymous source, remaining nameless for professional reasons.

According to the source, Fox died of massive brain trauma via a single gunshot to the head, after repeated sexual assault & beatings. Her body was then cut into multiple parts and thrown into to the lobby of the police station in two black duffle bags. Prior to her death, a finger was also removed, baked into chocolate muffins, and then delivered to the station for Captain Sora Senizen.

Motive & suspects remain unknown at this time, as no official statement has come from the Hathian Police Department.

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