Brawl in Street Leaves Hathian with One Less Criminal

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James Weaver (Left) and Zero (Right)
Weaver & Zero (Images from online sources)

On the night of October 28th when the streets appeared to be entirely abandoned of any humanly presence, I happened to stumble across two familiar individuals spewing vulgarities at each other directly in front of Lou’s bar. Upon a closer inspection I was able to note that these men were none other than two infamous individuals who occupy Hathian – Zero whom seemed to be the leader of a local gang here in town alongside James Weaver – manager of the local bar and well-known criminal with no directly known associations.

Initially, I suspected that these two were friends of some sort from the way the conversation had begun, but as it drew on further their volume began to rise and in came the curse words until finally – James threw a punch. From there, the fight continued to drag on even further with both men landing several good strikes on each other through the duration, but it seemed that neither were willing to back down from the other regardless of how heavy blows either one took and the apparent fact that neither seemed an amateur fighter from the fluidity of their movements.

After several minutes had gone by and both men had taken several blows, Weaver backed away from the other and retrieved a golden gun from inside his jacket only to then point it straight towards Zero and threaten to shoot him, and from here it appeared to be the end of the fight as Zero did indeed back down just as Weaver had requested in such a manner. Surprisingly, not a shot was fired. Instead what did happen is Weaver demanded that Zero leave the town – which is exactly what he did before both the men parted ways.
Before I was unable to snap a picture of anything for use within this article, Weaver turned towards me and fired a bullet into my direction with impacted with the camera in my hands and sent it flying out from my hands and into a mangled mess upon the ground. It was unclear whether or not he was trying to hit me or the camera, but that was the last I saw of this incident. From the events that played out between myself and Weaver, it wasn’t hard for me to tell that he didn’t seem too concerned whether or not he left any witnesses, but that is all I saw before taking my leave from the premises.


Above images acquired from online sources.

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