Young Woman Shot

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On September 22nd, a young woman, was found by a bystander after being shot in the abdomen. The bystander called 9-1-1 and paramedics and Hathian Police Department officers rushed to the scene.

According to my source, and HPD records, the shooting victim claimed  her friend shot her, after an argument that stemmed from several heated text messages they’d exchanged beforehand.

HPD’s report on the incident states the bystander did not see who shot the victim and the alleged shooter was no where to be found; neither was the gun the victim states she was shot with.

Per my source, the victim was admitted  to Hathian General Hospital and released on September 25th. A search of the victim’s name in the HPD database showed a long wrap sheet with many crimes committed; ranging from multiple assaults on police officers, assaulting a fellow inmate, vandalism of HPD property, and drug possession charges.

I attempted to interview the victim, to get her official statement, however, she was threatening and refused.

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