Parking Ticket Trajedy

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We constantly hear about how brutal, how corrupt or how worthless the Hathian Police Department is. The citizenry is quick to point the finger. But what happens when they’re not at fault?

A drunken evening of revelary and enjoyment was broken up late Saturday night as two offcers entered Lou’s bar to serve a parking ticket. Little were they expecting the reaction that awaited them when they tried to deliver the little slip of paper.

Upon entering the bar, the officers located the owner of the motorcycle illegally parked outside, who immediately became aggitated and defensive over their grip on their tasers. According to eye witnesses, the man only identified as Simon was said to have been acting funny.

“All I know is that guy just rushed that cop for no reason. When Simon rushed the big cop, he sure got laid out in no time. One move from him and he was flat on his face. Tried to kick the big cop in the ‘nads, but he wasn’t having that and got ‘im under control real fast,” One witness was quoted as saying.

Officers on scene refused to comment, but this reporter overheard one of them remarking about being attacked over a parking ticket. That very same officer, who refused also to provide a name, showed mercy and generousity by allowing one of the bystanders to tend to Simon’s injury before hauling him off to prison.

“It’s almost like the guy was actually trying to be shit at fighting. Kinda funny.” Why would someone try to get themselves arrested? Insanity? Perhaps it was merely an attempt at making the Hathian Police Department look vicious, as Simon spilled forth ideas that the cops attacked him for no reason. Perhaps this is the truth behind most of the bad press surrounding the HPD.

Could it really hurt if Hathian were to try giving the HPD a little more benefit of the doubt?

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