Escaped Criminal Forces Officer to Resign

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Early morning on 2 July 2012, this reporter, Aibhlinn L. Caine, was contacted by Officer Reian Varel, with information concerning the Police. When he met me (at a location that will not be named), he informed me that local criminal, Curt Ice, who was in police custody, had escaped only hours prior to his contacting me. The Criminal was to be searched for weaponry by one of the other officers, who happened to be Mr. Varel’s wife. The same who had been introduced to me at the hospital. Curt Ice, managed to over power the Officer, and hold her hostage with her own weapon, while he made his escape from the HPD. Another officer, identified as Officer Donovan, was on scene, but failed to apprehend the criminal before he made his escape. With good reason, Mr. Varel, was furious. He questioned Officer Donovan, pointing out his incompetence in first allowing his wife, who had just recently given birth, back on duty with no maternity leave, and also sent her alone to search a dangerous criminal and felon. Mr. Varel, unable to stand the thought of his fellow Officers’ continuous lack of devotion to duty to their own, turned in his badge.

Mr. Varel, is currently hunting the criminal, searching tirelessly for his wife. If anyone has seen, Curt Ice, described as a large man, with spiked hair and covered in bandages, including over his face, he is to be considered Armed, and extremely dangerous. Anyone with any information regarding the man may contact this reporter at the Hathian Observer. Do not make an attempt to apprehend the criminal. He suffers from multiple personality disorder, and is very unpredictable. This has been Aibhlinn L. Caine, with your Crime advisory.

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