Trouble Strikes Twice at the Clam as Officer is Killed in Action

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Officer McAndrews lays slain by a bullet fired by one of the criminals who attacked The Clam store manager, Kelly Lokaria
Captain Andel towers over the fallen perpetrator as the victims crouch by to the side.

The Clam on Hathian Highway was the scene of two vicious assaults with police officers arriving to make one successful arrest while two criminals in a separate assault evaded arrest and managed to flee the scene. Officer Ray McAndrews was shot and slain in the line of duty as he attempted to apprehend the criminals who attacked store manager Kelly Lokaria.

The first incident reported by concerned bystanders happened to be a fight between several women just outside of the Clam & the Slab butcher shop along the Hathian Highway. Fenna DeCuir, 36, was charged with battery and assualt of victims Nadia Trinh,23, and Ellie Jones, 25. DeCuir had charged and struck Trinh with a crowbar as she stood out on the street with her friend Jones. Both women became the target of a seemingly enraged DeCuir who used the crowbar to strike down Trinh, knocking her unconcious while her friend Jones tried to intervene, but ended up sustaining an injury in the process. The police were called by bystanders who attempted to rescue the women by charging at DeCuir, knocking her down.  Captain Andel arrived after a courageous woman with a broken arm had mannaged to knock the furious DeCuir off her feet, only for DeCuir to spring back up and attempt to swing the crowbar at the women again. She was stopped by Chief Hendrich Andel, striking at DeCuir with his baton, knocking her down, just as other officers arrived at the Clam, which had erupted in violence in the meantime. Gun shots rung out as a squad car pulled up and officers entered to investigate.

Officer McAndrews lays slain by a bullet fired by one of the criminals who attacked The Clam store manager, Kelly Lokaria

Two criminals had entered the convenience store, apparently intent on attacking store manager Kelly Lokaria. At this present ┬ámoment, their motivation is unclear although Lokaria was overheard later on, yelling “Oi told ye! Oi told ye they’d come back!” at an officer as she was taken, bloodied and bruised, into an awaiting ambulance. Lokaria was attacked by a tall black man thought to be in his late twenties, armed with a hammer. His friend and accomplice was described as an Asian man thought to be in his twenties also by eyewitnesses. The tall black man attacked the manager before entering the backroom of the store when Officers Ankii Akish and McAndrews turned up. A gun fight ensued after Officer Akish attempted to pursue the criminals, with the Asian man joining his friend in the back of the store, where they fired shots at the officers, wounding McAndrew fatally, bleeding to death from his injury, as Officer Akish attempted to pursue the criminals in vain as they fled, escaping from the back of the store. Akish collapsed after sustaining an injury from one of the bullets, unable to chase after the criminals who also managed to successfully evade Officer Choi Zhangsun and Lieutenant Benjamin Stoneage, arriving later as backup.

DeCuir managed to try to break away from the police as attention shifted onto the disturbance at the Clam, but was successfully pursued by Officer Jimmie Vermillion, who managed to run after and arrest her. DeCuir was led to the station as witnesses to the scene were questioned, and employee of the Clam, Ellis Millet, told the Observer that the Clam had been the target of several such attacks before, adding that he didn’t know the reason for such attacks. It remains to be seen whether the reasons for the attack will eventually come to light. As for now, manager Kelly Lokaria recovers in Hathian General Hospital.

Officer Vermillion with DeCuir, one more successful arrest for the officer
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