Pimp Monk Leborski In Dramatic Arrest

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Well known pimp Leborski is one of the criminals
Monk Leborski and Londinia Leistone surrounded by cops

The Hathian Police Department turned out in full force to bring down pimp Monk Leborski who was accompanied by a female identified by an anonymous source as Londinia Leistone. Leborski had been wanted for a rape he had been attempting to commit on a citizen of Hathian before police intervened, however Leborski ¬†fled the scene. The HPD had been trying to find ¬†Monk Leborski in order to bring him in when he appeared on Battle Street not too far from Hathian’s arcade. It is uncertain what Leistone was doing with Leborski, but she was later charged with obstruction of justice and assault against an officer.

In a dramatic stand off, Monk Leborski was apprehended by the police – about seven officers, including rookies Artoo Bellic and Alura Maze, turned out to be very effective in helping to bring down Leborski. Monk Leborski led the officers on a chase, choosing to run from the police as they attempted to tazer him, with Leistone trying to block officers from tazering Leborski only to fall and injure her arm as Leborski charged past her, knocking her down in the process of trying to escape from the police. Leistone assaulted officers while other pursued Leborski, but she was able to be subdued and cuffed by officers.

Rookie officers Bellic and Maze were able to get to Leborski and taze him, helping to stop him from fleeing and allowing the other police officers to arrest both him and Leistone and bring them to the station.

Monk Leborski is taken down by the officers of the HPD














Leborski put up a fight before eventually being detained by the officers. This successful arrest of a notorious criminal – who has been previously arrested for assualting officers during the HPD strike right in front of the station itself – will do some good to the public image of the HPD which some might argue it is in need of.

Monk Leborski and Londinia Leistone in standoff with police



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