Local Man Has Hair Set On Fire In Random Assault

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Local Ellis Millet was attacked by a hooded man wering black, as pictured above and had his hair set on fire.
Local Ellis Millet was attacked by a hooded man wering black, as pictured above and had his hair set on fire.

Local resident Ellis Millet was holding a discussion with his friend and officers Gutter and Maze, when he was the victim of a sudden and bizzare assault by a hooded figure in black. Millet, 34, was protesting with officers Gutter and Maze over the confistication of his friend’s baseball bat by the police, when a cloaked and hooded figure emerged, using a flame issue gun set fire to Millet’s hair. The officers, stated witnesses to the scene, were obviously caught by surprise, but engaged the attacker in a physical altercation, while the flame issue was still turned on and in danger of being burnt themselves, in an attempt to stop the attack. Millet’s friend, known as’Rabid’,  joined the officers in their fight against the attacker as the criminal turned the flame issue on Millet’s friend, burning his chest and  throwing punches before being tackled to the ground by ‘Rabid’ and Officer Gutter, who both lay on top of the attacker, restraining him and managing to arrest him, after disarming him.

Ellis Millet sits on a bench outside the bakery in Hathian, recovering from his injuries.

Throughout the attack witnesses stated that the attacker was singing a song, “he sang something like, ‘tonight we are young…we’re gonna set the world on fire..'” declared one bystander, also noticing his singing was eventually stopped when he was tackled to the ground and set upon by Officer Gutter and ‘Rabid’ , pinning him to the ground. Millet had this to say about the attack after receiving treatment for his injuries at the Hathian General Hospital: ” We got some psycho lightin peoples head on fire an who we gotta depend on? Racist cops who confinsgated a bat from my buddy. Cmon now. He was jus carryin it. He more likely to get stabbed by some fuck…then the bat be used as self defense”  Asked about if he knew any possible explanation for a motivation behind the attack, he seemed to be confused as to why it had even occured. “I dunno. It reminded me of the time I was randomly chased down the street with a chainsaw…but no I ain gotta clue who the guy was”  He also added, “”Jus was completely random. I was shocked he done it in fronta dem coppers”  as were most of the witnesses to the scene, leading some to speculate the attacker must have been mentally unstable.

 Luckily for Ellis, the officers of the HPD were on hand to arrest the man, as well as having his friend ‘Rabid’ to help stop the attack. Millet can now go back to recovering and healing from his injuries, although he is concerned that attacks such as these will happen again, apparently still upset over his recent attack. “This town is gettin’ shittier every day.”

Millet takes time out to speak to the Hathian Observer about the assault.
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