Do the Crime, Do the Time!

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Hathian’s Police Department has its hands full with big crimes, but there are also the smaller crimes which get in the way of our fine officers to focus on the serious crimes occurring.

An example is an incident which occurred on May 6th, 2012, where two officers came across a perp wanted for kidnapping. They found controlled substances on his person as well. While this arrest was taking place, a highly intoxicated friend of the perp strolled upon the scene, asking the him for drugs. She then began touching, flirting and disrespecting two officers. Another officer was called in for back up.

The Crack Den

The two were locked up and are serving the minimum time in an already overcrowded jail.

Much underappreciated, our city’s protectors don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Let this be a lesson to all citizens to live upright or pay the consequences.

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