Drowned Girl Dumped Outside Lou’s Bar

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The victim of an alleged murder was found dumped outside of Lou's Bar
The victim of an alleged murder was found dumped outside of Lou's Bar.

Wednesday evening at Lou’s Bar took a dramatic turn of events when the body of a  victim of an alleged murder turned up, dumped outside on the street by the entrance of  Lou’s Bar in Hathian. The victim, a Caucasian female thought to be in her late teens or early twenties, was found by passersby laid out on the sidewalk; an anonymous phone call made to the paramedics tipped the emergency services off to the location of the body. It is thought that this phone call- with no clues as to the identity and whereabouts of the caller – and the very public display of the girl’s dead body strongly suggest a gang related murder.

Carved into the girl’s dead body were the words ‘whore’ on her forehead and ‘CARIS’ spelt out in block letters over her chest along with yet another word ‘Rejects’ on her belly. The cause of death appears to have been  a deliberate drowning. The girl’s clothes and body were soaked wet, and officers who arrived first at the scene were unable to find a pulse. The girl – thought to be  known by the name of Pyre, as an anonymous prostitute who didn’t wish to be identified – told the Observer, also went by the name Maya. The anonymous source also revealed: “She used to spend most of her time in the Rub ‘n Tug, she went missing two weeks ago, I didn’t see her around until she turned up a few days ago, with the words ‘Whore’ and another word, I think it said ‘Rejects’, one was on her forehead, the other on her belly.”

Maya  seemed to have suffered torture prior to being drowned with her fingernails missing, looking as if they had been ripped out with force, as well as small cuts all over her body being evident. The word “CARIS” seems to have been freshly carved into the victim’s chest-made before or just after she was murdered so brutally.

Paramedics arrive at the scene as officers examine the body.

Speculation as to who carried out the brutal torture and murder of this poor girl is rife, with Hathian locals at the scene guessing that it might well be the work of the gang known as The Phantoms, who have been linked to murder cases before, as well as human trafficking and rape, but most memorably for the HPD bombings which occured not too long ago. There is also speculation also over the girl’s background – her line of work may well have been as a prostitute. In any case, all clues seem to point to a gang related murder, with prostitutes especially at risk from gang violence – as well as the very public display of the dead victim’s body in an area well frequented by citizens of Hathian. This murder may well have been intended as a warning to those related with gang business, although speculations remain just guess work – it will be left to the HPD to find out more about the case as well as catch those who are responsible.

The dead body was inspected by officers before being taken away by paramedics to Hathian General Hospital


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