Pushing Beyond the Limit (w/ exclusive statement from HPD Chief)

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Have we pushed too far?

At the Observer, we claim no shortage of responsibility in the coverage of the Hathian Police Department’s atrocities over the years, just as our town’s criminal set has splashed the headlines. And with these events, the public has become understandably outraged. Between letters to the editor, attacks on our officers, leaked stories of prison rapings, there’s enough anger to go spread around between the public and those who are to protect us from what other monsters lie within city limits.

But with the protest and subsequent bombing of the HPD facility, it begs the question of how far will the public go and when will they cross the line. Have we crossed it already? How many times have brave officers, often flying under the radar thanks to their straight laced tactics, come to our aid? Do we not still, despite all frustration, still call on our peace officers repeatedly, daily.. hourly to come help in our time of need? What will happen when they decide to suddenly stop doing their jobs entirely? A recent statement from HPD Chief Hendrich Andel has the Observer most certainly concerned:

To the Citizens of Hathian,

Most of you know who I am at this point but for those you do not, I am Captain Andel of the Hathian Police Department. I command the officers who protect and serve you at your times of need. The officers who put their lives ahead of their own so you walk the streets without looking over your shoulder. Officers who look the most notorious criminals in the eye when you run from them.

A few days ago, several of you citizens took upon yourself to protest how we uphold the law in this city. And us being the civilized officers that we are, we allowed you to have this protest. However, you, the citizens of this city decided to act like savages and turn a peaceful protest into a riot full of violence and terror. You even took it to another level and bombed our station causing many of my officers injury and even death.

You think you won citizens of Hathian? You think you have beaten the Hathian Police Department? You are dearly mistaken. All of you have accomplished is awakening a sleeping giant. You claim that this your city and you run things in it? Again, you are severely mistaken. The city has, is and always will belong to the Hathian Police Department. We just allowed all of you to claim certain part of the city to satisfy your pathetic delusions of godhood.

You think your feeble act of terror and violence will make us change our ways? You are correct to a certain extent. You have changed the officers of this department but not the way you wanted. You think the Hathian Police Department was bad now? You haven’t seen anything yet citizens of Hathian.

Your weak attempt to bring us down may have temporary crippled us but you have far from beaten us. Officers have been hurt even killed but we will survive and become even stronger. You can blow us up, shoot us, stab us, rape us, and anything else you little animal minds can think of but we will always still be standing.

With that being said, I have a personal message for Sofia Keolanui: Enjoy your little moment of triumph because I will be coming for you and your friends. I will bring the entire city down on you and make you wish that you were never born. It’s going to take a little more than a mere bullet to stop me Keolanui. You wanted a war with me, you got it. You can count on me seeing you real soon.

As for the rest of the citizens of Hathian, I want to share a quote with you that I found rather suiting for this moment:

“If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

The Hathian Police Department will have their revenge on those responsible for their little act a few days ago. And you, the citzens of Hathian, shall also pay the price for supporting those individuals in their pitiful acts. You have been warned Hathian, you all will feel justice.. The Hathian Police Department way.

Do we continue to hammer on our police officers at the sacrifice of ALL public safety? Will Hathian become completely lawless in light of recent events? It is rare for the Observer to take a stance in any direction, and even now, it is merely this: in a city long full of the worst criminal elements known within our country’s borders, don’t forget who really helps you in your time of need. In the weeks to come, a certain anxiousness will riddles the pages of print machines, awaiting what atrocities will come now.

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