Columtreal Basketball Team Overhauled

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After Columtreal’s football team went down the drain, the university was basically left with a fragmented cheerleading squad and a basketball team no one knew about.

Jin Squall, a freshmen to the campus, was appointed player coach of the basketball team after the last coach was fired earlier this year, and says he’s going to turn around the team as much as he possibly came.

Applications for the team are floating around campus, and Squall says tryouts will be done on an individual basis if the interested applicants look promising. Aside from recruiting new players and talent, the new player coach hopes to bring new staff to the team as well.

“I’m also in need of assistant coaches and athletic trainers,” says Squall, hoping to bring the team back to the glory it once had. “We’re doing a complete overhaul of the staff here.”

Though, with gangs seemingly the more interesting option to join, will the basketball team stand a chance? Squall hopes so, and says that he doesn’t care what players do off the court, as long as they bring their A game when they need to, though he does have this to say:

“There are two paths. One starts in this city and ends in this city. The other will take you anywhere you want it to take you. So, they can decide.”

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