Police Shootout Leaves 5 Injured

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Aftermath of the Shootout

It was early evening Saturday when a call went out that every law enforcement officer dreads hearing, “shots fired, officer down!” The officer was none other than Chief Hendrich Andel himself, who had not been shot, but his throat was slit by Rejects member Quint McAuley during a ‘Mexican standoff’ in which McAuley took Andel hostage demanding the freedom of his cohort, Rejects member, Caris Winslet who was also injured in the melee.

Present on the scene were officers Hendrich Andel, Benjamin Stoneage, Tori Best, Sora Senizen, Lilith MacBain and Darren Michaels facing off against Reject members Caris Winslet and Quint McAuley. While lips remain sealed on how or why the encounter got started, there is no way to hide how it ended; with five people in the hospital.

The first to be injured was Reject sympathizer Angel Reigns who was either pushed or fell off the overpass outside the Titty Twister during the chaos. Paramedics and officers repsonding to the 911 call on Reigns were quickly pulled into the chaos on top of the overpass where Andel and Senizen were seriously wounded and where two other people were shot.

Andel & McAuley are in Serious Condition

“He [McAuley] came out of nowhere trying to hit the cop [Senizen] with a shovel,” stated one witness to the scene who wishes not to be identified. “Then the other cop [Stoneage] ran him [McAuley] over with his car!” Other witnesses claim that after being hit by the car, McAuley, dazed and injured, was attacked by Andel whom he then managed to take hostage. He demanded freedom for himself and Winslet but then things turned quickly sour when Captain Tori Best allegedly shot the suspect, Caris Winslet who was already subdued and handcuffed. In a fit of retaliation, McAuley allegedly slit Andel’s throat and attempted to stab Officer Sora Senizen who then in turn shot McAuley in the chest.

Chief Andel and McAuley were transported to HGH in ‘serious condition’ while Senizen was treated on scene for a reported knife wound to the leg sustained during a struggle with Winslet who was taken directly to jail. McAuley underwent emergency surgery to remove a bullet from his lung and transferred to the HPD under guard. All participants in the melee are expected to survive.

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