Death by a Thousand Cuts

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Zhao's body was found just before noon near the Clam Convenience store.

Even though it’s game day, not everyone is happy. Just before noon, an elderly man was found dead this Super Bowl Sunday near the Clam Convenience store.

Xin Zhao, who was a 73 years old business owner, was found near a dumpster beside the Clam by Rookie Nicole Frensko. The man’s injuries were extensive and rather gruesome. His arms and legs were removed, and his body had several hundred tiny cuts. Though, most telling of all, was the message carved into his chest that read, ‘The Ling-Chi murders traitors.’

Motive of Zhao’s killing is uncertain, though investigators and witnesses alike speculate it has something to do with the message left on his chest and a possible gang making roots in Hathian.

“I guess there’s another gang around,” Frensko says simply alongside Sergeant Lilana Macbain, who was also present at the scene. “Doesn’t sound familiar though.”

In a town already full of gangs and crime, one question remains; who are the Ling-Chi?

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