First Aid Classes come to Hathian

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Ever wished you could learn valuable lifesaving skills, but never knew where to look?  Often times, our local paramedics are swamped with calls, but is there a way you can help out?  What if you knew how to perform CPR or other life saving techniques?  Look no further, as Hathian General Hospital recently gained permission to hold its first lifesaving skills class.  Hosted by HGH, a bright intern Rayne Nexon has volunteered to teach the very first class.  Several other staff members will be on hand to offer tips and tricks.  At the end of the class, folks will be given a quick written test and if passed, will receive their certification within days.  Come on out to the college campus in the class rooms on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 4pm SLT to learn these valuable skills or just pick up a few new tricks.

Disclaimer in fine print:  Hathian General does not guarantee passing or certification by all, but most typically walk away with valuable lifesaving skills.


(Classes will be on campus in one of the class rooms.))

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