Officer’s Murder Leads to Beat-Downs

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A relatively uneventful Saturday night was turned upside down after the death of a HPD officer caused a small riot on the corner of Battle Avenue and Main Street.

The deceased officer, whose identity remains concealed for now, was found behind a dumpster near the Bertheir Street Bakery some time around three in the afternoon by an elderly woman. Leads remain scarce and there is no word of a suspect in the case.

The riot, allegedly choreographed by the notoriously brutal Captain Hendrich Andel as a response to the murder of one of his own, targeted seemingly innocent citizens a few hours after the body was found. Reports from witnesses say that half a dozen armed police, including the captain, swarmed the area around the basketball court off Battle Avenue and began attacking anyone in sight.

A number of seemingly innocent people, mostly women, were assaulted in the middle of the street with tazers and batons by the very people that are supposed to protect them. The victims were left with numerous bruises, cuts, and even concussions. Though strangely enough, no arrests were made. It seems the only purpose of the attacks were to prove a point to the citizens. What that point is can be left to interpretation.

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