Hell’s Saint Gunned Down

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Britta Lexington met an unfortunate end Tuesday night at the hands of 'The Snoodle'.

An abandoned apartment in the Calliya projects near the Daily Grind was the site of a horrific murder on the night of the 17th.

Britta ‘Brit’ Lexington, a known member of the vigilante gang, the Hell’s Saints, was found hanging from a meat hook after suffering a series of gruesome injuries, but was finally killed by a large gunshot through the chest, which was triggered by the arrival of Bliour Micheals of the HPD through an elaborate system of strings placed there by her killer.

The suspect, known only as The Snoodle, was on scene to watch the shotgun end Lexington’s life and was instantly arrested under charges of first degree murder. He claims that it was Micheals who killed Lexington, because the officer was the one to trigger the firearm, though the HPD disagrees.

((Please note that this scene received admin approval for the use of firearms. Guns will not be unbanned until January 25th, and will need to be approved through applications in order to be used on the Hathian sim.))

((For information, please see http://tinyurl.com/6txols8))

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