Lingerie Football Comes to Columtreal

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It’s that time of year again.

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder, and the smell of turkey is in the air. What is the only thing missing? Women wearing almost nothing as they play a game of full contact football for charity!

What is lingerie football? It’s a version of football that’s exclusive to women, where they wear minimal uniforms, but don’t skimp on any contact that you see in regular football.

President of the MAD sorority, Aizzel Beck, and manager of Gein Burger, Valena Dowe, are collaborating to bring the sport, which is blooming in popularity, to Columtreal on November 26th in a match for everyone to enjoy and hopefully raise money for a worthy cause.

Pledges, donations, and bets will be taken to raise money for the Hathian Cancer Trust, started by Dowe, a cancer survivor, in order to help cancer patients that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford treatments, support, and screenings on their own.

“This is MAD’s proof that we aren’t always causing trouble, that we can help give back,” says Beck, one of two coordinators. “And who doesn’t like watching girls who are barely dressed play football?”

The game will take place in the CU gym, and there will also be a tailgate party of sorts, with food provided by Gein Burger and drinks courtesy of Val’s Irish Pub.

Teams are currently being assembled, and any women interested in playing should contact Aizzel Beck ((Aizzel Gossipgirl)) to sign up ASAP!

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