New Security @ CU Campus – Recruiting now

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Lexi Ella
New Security @ Columtreal
Lexi Ella
New Security @ Columtreal

New Security @ Columtreal University, Black Bottom


Following a spate of petty crime culminating in the as yet unsolved pipe bomb of 3 days ago –  which injured not only innocent civilians but also members of the Hathian Police Department and Hathian Fire Department – Columtreal University faculty have put out a tender for a new security firm.

Ella Enterprises successfully won the bid to provide CU campus with top new security measures for the following academic year.

Lexi Ella, owner of Ella Enterprises, 25, who was also injuried in the recent bomb blast, commented,

It’s time there was a strong and efficient security presence on campus, to deter these mindless criminals from their devastating and corrupt acts. Campus should be a safe environment, nurturing bright young minds, not a den of iniquity. As an ex student of Columtreal, I will endevour to make sure crime is reduced by installing CCTV, regular patrols, and random dorm searches. Ella Enterprises will also provide extra security at campus or local business events. Anyone found to be with ‘contraband’ items or committing a crime will be harshly dealt with, and handed to the HPD.  In the future, we may even bring in drug testing to make sure those students are behaving…and staff of course. I am recruiting EE Security Guards, Technicians, and Admin Staff currently, who will all provide an imposing physical presence. Crime on campus will be stamped out! As an ex sorority president, I know how these sorority parties can get out of hand. Students should note I am well aware of all the hiding places used for sexual indecency and drug use. Thank you.

Ms Ella, previous owner of Black Orchid,  will be working from a small hub on campus soon to be set up.

RECRUITING NOW: If you are interested in employment as a Guard or Technician, and have combat and conflict resolution skills..of ‘any’ kind, contact Lexi Ella for an application form.  Training available and pay scales competitive.

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