Looter at the Front of this Year’s Opening at CU

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The Looter Comes to Life

On Monday, August 29, 2011, Columtreal University kicks off another school year filled with academic integrity, scholarly endeavor, socially well-adjusted students participating in good old fashion fun, and of course, plenty of Looter pride.  But what exactly is a Looter? Senior journalism student and CU Cheer Squad Captain Tessi Snowpaw asked this question of locals, and learned much to her dismay that the Mascot was not as prominent as would be fitting the fine institution.

According to her interview questions, some current CU students had no idea what a Looter was. Others who did, in fact, know what the nascot is were doubtful in their responses.  The CU Mascot is in fact “The Looter,” which is represented by a cartoonish figure best described as a bandit, an unfortunately suiting mascot for a university set in Hathian.  Understanding and identifying with the mascot is an important first step in developing school pride, an important mission of the CU Cheerleading Squad this year.

Despite the confusion related to the actual figure of the Looter, all of those selected for the interview with Tessi identified the same key component when asked “What does it mean to you to be a Looter?”  The unwavering answer was SPIRIT! CU Students and vendors are proud to be associated with the Looter.

CU can look forward to further support by students and locals alike.  MAD President Kay Varnish pledges to continue providing the student population with social events throughout the coming year.  Brand new cheerleader Meenah Pastorino looks forward to spreading the spirit with her new spot on the squad.  Local Pub owner Valmont Marseille will continue to offer his Irish Pub as a venue for Greek Life activities and his stock for their offsite activities, as well.  And all of those interviewed are looking forward to supporting the Looter teams and their sporting events this coming year.

The Looter Comes to Life

So with all this conversation about the CU Looter Mascot and CU Pride, it seems fitting to announce that CU will be debuting a brand new Looter Mascot at this year’s sporting events. This bobblehead mascot was especially made for CU and will lay to rest any confusion about the appearance of the Looter.  The CU Cheerleading squad will be auditioning students for the mascot in the near future, so stay tuned if you think you have what it takes to don the costume and steal the hearts of the CU fans!

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