Hathian’s Heroes Get [C]Owned

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Yellow Justice shows just how yellow his 'justice' is
Yellow Justice shows just how yellow his 'justice' is

Robyn DeCradle, Hathian Observer Reporter

The Observer hasn’t yet determined what caused the commotion in front if the Daily Grind, but the clash of super heroes and ice cream truck employees left quite a mess as they battled it out on the streets. The two individuals would have made Wiz Khalifa’s day with their black and yellow body suits. They called themselves Yellow Justice and Queen Bee, and it wasn’t false advertisement as can be seen by the puddle left by ‘Justice’ (pictured). Still, they get an A+ for their optimism, as it seemed their goal was to rid the Ice Cream truck employee of her ‘evil’ cone costume, ranting such things as “FEAR NOT! For Queen B and Yellow Justice will see the wretched thing destroyed that the Hive of Hathian will no longer be plagued by its Frozen grip of evil!” and “IT’S TIME TO END YOUR DESTRUCTION, CONE OF VILLAINY!!” as she beat the costume against the truck. There is yet to be word on whether or not the two are another set of escapees from the HGH psyche ward, or if they will soon be delivered there, but several things were discovered tonight. There’s a new ice cream truck in town, even Super Heroes are no match for Hathianites, and urine CAN seep through spandex.

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