Letter to the Editor: HPD Enacts Revenge on its Own

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Anonymous Letter to the Editor:

The Hathian Police Department has been known to be steeped with corruption from the highest ranking  and down through those people we see daily; what separates the good officers from the corrupted officer? What causes  officers to want to attack and beat their rookies who try to learn and do their job? Hathian’s Finest, Senior Officer John Morpork and Rookie Officer Khloe Glamour started their duty shift last Sunday as they normally would, beginning their patrol of downtown; things were quiet as usual. As they made their way toward the Gein Burger, they encountered an altercation between a known criminal and recently-promoted-to-full-officer Brooklyn Manamiko, who was not on duty at that moment. The criminal was apprehended with ease, but the Manamiko was raging, and was warned repeatedly to calm down. When she refused to comply, Rookie Officer Khloe Glamour opened fire and tazed Brooklyn.

Later on that day, as Senior Officer John Morpork and Rookie Officer sat inside the station, Brooklyn came in and grabbed Khloe by her hair, dragging her into the observation room under the pretenses of “Captain’s Orders”. As the others later found out, Captain Hendrich Andel encouraged her to enact her revenge on Khloe. As Khloe was drug into the room, Senior Officer Morpork was unable to do anything about it based on the  threat of Captain Andel coming down on him for disrupting his orders. Rookie Officer Khloe Glamour sustained a busted and swollen lip, broken nose, a large gash on her nose that was taped, bruised eyes. one eyebrow was busted open, the other eye had a stiched gash under it.

See what Hathian’s Finest allows for fun instead of cracking down on crime on the streets? Corruption has been exposed Hathian, now you be the judge!

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