“The Brutals” Burn up the Gas Station and Murder 911 Caller

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Last week, Fire Fighters responded to a 911 call in regards to an intentional fire lit at the Clam gas station by three females, later identified as Cara Cardalines, Sharea Nightfire, and Mitzy Madsen. Per reports, Sharea Nightfire & Mitzy Madsen went into the Clam and assaulted employee Devon Sparrowtree, locking him up in a storage closet after spraying him in the face with an acid filled water gun. The two women then released $300 dollars worth of gas to the pump where Cara Cardalines was waiting. Once Cara Cardalines spilled the gas on the ground, Mitzy Madsen threw a lighted cigarette into the gas and created a large fire. the 911 call was then recieved from the now deceased Ahneeda Lecker. Firefighters Chief Rog Messmer and Captain Jessi Noel led the team of men and women who responded to the scene of the fire and began to put the flames out.  As the firefighters where dousing the flames, the three women turned their attention to the 911 caller and dismembered her body. All that remained from the caller was a torso with the word “The Brutals” carved into the woman’s back. Officer Jonathan Morpork was in the area and noticed the women attacking the caller and quickly took charge of the situation calling for back up.  Officer Olga Smithson responded to the call and assisted Officer Morpork in rounding up the criminals. As the criminals were being detained, Clam Employee Devon Sparrowtree came out of the supply room he was locked up in to get help. “The Brutals” were quickly taken into custody and were released later that night meeting a collective $25,000 bail. The gas pumps are currently closed waiting for the new pump replacements. The Clam is still fully functional and open to the public.

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