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Hathian can rest easy; the long reign of the Voodoo Doll Strangler has come to an end. At 10:00 PM of Wednesday, November 10th, Hathian Police set out to detain the suspect, Elijah Jackson; a homeless denizen of Hathian’s back alleys. Jackson attempted to flee authorities, but met his demise by gunfire.

The first reports of the Voodoo Doll Strangler surface on June 14th, under the watch of Detective Anthony Gavilan. Gavilan holds the case, until his departure from the police force last month. Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Welders picks up the investigation for a time, though later passes it onto Detective Drew Taov. Taov is responsible for ultimately revealing the identity of the suspect and his end.

The Voodoo Doll Strangler is best known for his antics of depositing grim presents upon various locations throughout Hathian. His first accountable victim, a Daily Grind worker, narrowly manages escape to an attempt at strangulation. She is one of the lucky ones, as others unfortunately fall to his wrath. Bethany Shelter, Molly Anderson, Caitlyn Eyre, and an as of yet unknown female all turn up across Hathian, strangled to death by noose. Toward the end of the trail of terror, the Strangler abducts Sakura Chiuh and retains her corpse for a couple of weeks within a back alley. Parts of Chiuh turn up in provoking packages to various locations across Hathian, but that taunt eventually leads to his undoing.

DNA samples from the packages trace back to Elijah Jackson, who has a long record of violence within police files. Though his location is unknown for some time, reporter Shequanda Jones reveals his hideout to police, after following him after a package drop off.

Daisuke Chiuh, father of the latest victim comments, “I can’t believe this happened to my little girl. She was gone for so long that we knew something had happened.. but we never expected to lose our only daughter. Nothing can fix what has happened to our family, and only time will heal the wounds. We’re just glad that no one else has to live through this pain like we do.”

Remains of Chiuh and Jackson are currently at Hathian General Hospital, while staff carries out further investigations.

Jasmine Slade, autopsy specialist of the case, share her elation upon delivery, “He was a sick individual. The HPD did a fantastic job getting him off the streets.”

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